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Beni thought she'd hit the jackpot with Covers, which went on to be the biggest seller of her career and push more units than an Ayumi Hamasaki album. Beni thought she was the teflon don with the sales. So much so that she rushed out Covers: 2 thinking she could match prior success. But she quickly saw that Japan really ain't got no time for that.

Shockingly, Beni has done an Emancipation of Mimi and scrapped naming her albums after Care bears. I was expecting this album to be titled Sparkle, Diamond or Sapphire. But she curve balled me with Red.

How is this woman going to call her album Red, rock a fly red couture dress sat in a red chair, with a red lampshade and not rock a red bottomed Louboutin? Bitch, bye.

  1. Intro
  2. Reason
  3. Satsuki ame | さつきあめ
  4. Our sky
  5. Fly high
  6. Concrete rose
  7. Red
  8. Angel
  9. Sweet danger
  10. Sands of time
  11. Home sweet home
  12. Eien | 永遠
  13. AM 2:00

Shockingly, regular contributor and master beat-recycler Daisuke Imai has only contributed to one track to this album: "Sands of time". D.I is a hot producer, but that man recycles beats like Evian water bottles. Given his dwindling output across Beni's Jewel, Fortune and Covers albums, it was only a matter of time until he was slowly kicked to the curb. Beni has instead opted to draft in Hirofumi Asamoto to handle the Lion's share of the album, who last worked with her when she was signed to Avex over 6 years ago. Beni is on that throwback shit.

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  1. She looks hot on the album cover, it's a shame this shit is going to tank so hard on the Oricon charts. That will be the reality check she needs; ain't nobody checking for her studio albums.

  2. She can't afford Louboutins :/ haha joke, Nice covers... Will it do well or will Beni go back to the bottom of the pyramid?

  3. I hope this album does well. I'm glad she finally ditched Daisuke Imai. His productions were stale and weren't doing Beni any favors.


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