Single art: Mariah Carey - The art of letting go

Mariah Carey - The art of letting go | Random J-Pop

This era has not been kind to Mariah. A couple of flop singles, some horrid live performances and then an accident which fucked up her arm. It's like the heavens were trying to tell this woman to just stay looking after dem babies. But Mariah is determined to make this shit work and no doubt Def Jam are cracking whips on a ho like her name is Kunta Kintrina to put something out.

Mariah's next single will be the album title track "The art of letting go", which she will be premiering on her official Facebook page on November 11th. The song is produced by Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins, which marks the first time Rodney and Mariah have every worked together. For years I'd wondered why these 2 had not gotten together when every other powerhouse diva was booking studio time with him, so it's great for it to finally happen. Rodney knows how make a ho sound good on a track, so I'm really looking forward to hearing Mariah blow on some Darkchild new new.

This single artwork is causing its fair share of controversy online due to it being photoshopped to beyond death. But who is stupid enough to be expecting any but from Mariah's? This woman stays raising purchase orders for the people with iMac's to skinny up her legs and shrink her waist down to a size which it hasn't been since Emotions. Mariah has been buying Adobe stocks since Rainbow. Do not get it twisted. Mariah having Beyoncé's face and weave stuck on the body of 2002 Britney, with a Windows XP wallpaper is a mess. But on a real, I like this single art. I genuinely really like it. In fact, I dig it so much that I think it should have been the album cover. Even though I'm constantly advocating for Mariah to wrap up and put the titties away, she looks classy here. This is a far shy from the bikini wearing Mariah who was looking like a pregnant sea otter in that "H.A.T.E.U" video.

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  1. Nick Cannon must be ill.

    This is NOT what he comes home to.

    How does Mariah feel when she's not even good enough for her own covers anymore?

    How stressed is the cover artist who has to tip toe the line with Mariah everytime that she's not ugly, she just doesn't look good "TODAY."

  2. Ironic name for sure; the art of letting go is not an art Mariah is familiar with.

    Still excited for the single and the album because it's Mariah. Somewhere underneath all the adipose tissue.

  3. "Rodney knows how make a ho sound good on a track, so I'm really looking forward to hearing Mariah blow on some Darkchild new new."

    Watch this be some derivative, out of date piece of crap that harkens back to a time when Mariah was actually selling records >_>


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