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Beni will be releasing her third original single following 2 years of releasing lifeless covers of other people's songs; completing her hat trick of flop singles following "Eien" and "Satsuki ame".

The latest Beni news to come through the wire is that she will also be releasing a brand new album on July 31. No tracklist or artwork has been revealed as-of-yet. But music outlets have begun listing this date as when Beni's new set drops. And often in J-Pop when this shit happens, it turns out to be pretty legit. So expect album info to surface real soon.

Given Beni's Mariah Carey like penchant for titling albums, we could probably guess what her next album is going to be called. So far we've had Girl 2 lady, Gem, Bitter & sweet, Lovebox, Jewel and Fortune. I say her next album will be called Vajazzle or Diamond. Or be a 2 disc album titled Diamond vajazzle.

I'd be lying through my teeth if I said I was looking forward to this new album of Beni's. She bludgeoned me within an inch of my life with her cover albums to the point where I began to lose interest in her. But I always respond to the muzak. So if Beni's new album drops and she gives me something on a level with Jewel or even Lovebox, then me and Beni will be cool again. I really hope she dials back on the ballads for this new album. She needs to stop chasing the pursuit of that iconic, memorable ballad which everybody will remember her for. Especially when they all sound like boring pieces of shit. 

Album reviews: Bitter & sweet | Jewel | Fortune


  1. I think Fortune has been her best album to date. To me it was the first one that had a full sound to it and I thought it was well paced with a variety of songs. I hope she lays off the ballads too, her voice doesn't have the power or something that makes them particularly memorable or interesting.

  2. The only album I haven't listened to yet by her is Lovebox, but from what I've heard thus far, I think Jewel is her strongest album. It's the only album that I can play by her from start to finish without wanting to skip around (besides Heartbreaker). As for her other albums, I think overall Bitter and Sweet is better, but Fortune has more stand out songs like "Yes or No" and "Crazy Girl". Honestly, I really couldn't care less about Beni right now though; I've never been hot on her like that to begin with. My interest peaked with her when she released Jewel, and then those boring piece of shit Cover albums just stomped out whatever little bit of interest I had in her.

  3. That album art is horrible.. Looks like it was made on photoshop.. Japanese always has great cover art..


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