Miming Mimi was set to release her 14th studio album The art of letting go on July 23rd. Then it got pushed back.

Miming Mimi's follow up to her 2011 flop Memoirs of an imperfect set of titties was official. It had a release date, which was followed by a title, which was then quickly followed by a push back. Mariah's 14th studio album The art of letting go was slated for a July 23rd release. Mariah hashtagged that shit in every Instagram photo, put it on her website and everything. And now it's been pushed back to not even God knows when.

But let's not focus on the push back. Let's focus on the album title.

I am thoroughly impressed. Mariah is fully out of that phase of naming her albums after Teletubbies. The slight irony that letting go is the one thing Mariah isn't really that good at and could not teach the art of if her mini skirt collection depended on it. Here are just a few of the things Mariah can't seem to let go of:
  1. That she is no longer 29 and ain't got that figure how she did in that "Honey" video, yet continually puts on dresses which are 4 sizes too small and then blames the designer when the zip breaks. Darling, please. 
  2. She refuses to come to the realization that Jermaine Dupri is never going to give her another "Always be my baby" or "We belong together", no matter how hard he tries.
  3. That same tired font that Mariah has been trolling out for every album since she was kicking her ass back and forth on a swing screaming about how she had a vision of love and that it was all a n***a gave to her.
Miming Mimi has been working on her album ever since giving birth to her children Malificent and Malaysia - regularly tweeting pictures of her singing at her home studio. Contributors to Mariah's album include the usual suspects Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael-Cox, alongside The-Dream, Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins, Mike WiLL Made it, Miguel and Young Jeezy.

Ever since Memoirs of an imperfect angel Mariah has released songs exhibiting a slightly different sound from what we'd expect from her. From the Motown stank of "Oh Santa!", to the heavy beat laden power ballad "Already home" and the Miguel-centric "Hashtag Beautiful". I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm excited for this new album, but I will definitely check it out. I buy all Mariah's shit. I even bought Glitter and was as in-denial as Mariah was about that whole mess.

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