Pepsiyoncé kicks off The Mrs. Carter show world tour, with no acknowledgement of a new album.

Pepsiyoncé kicks off The Mrs. Carter show world tour, with no acknowledgement of a new album |

Pepsiyoncé of Pepsi world (formerly the kingdom of lost wigs and song writing credits) kicked off her world last week. A hot topic nights prior was 'Will the set list feature any new material?' given that we still have no single in full and not so much as an album release date. The answer was no. Beyoncé is currently treating the Mrs. Carter show as her tour in support of 4. Home girl couldn't even treat the crowd to a performance of "Bow down" or bust a 2-step to "I been on" given that the song had been playing on European television in instrumental form to promote the tour. She ain't right.

To embark on a world tour with an album imminent and not include new songs seems strange. What everybody is speculating will happen is that new material will be added to the setlist once her new single drops and the album releases, which will be great for those who have tickets to see Pepsiyoncé in say, August - but is shit for those seeing her in April and May as her new album will most certainly not be out by then.

Word is already abound that Pepsiyoncé has scrapped "Grown woman" as her new lead single (Note: Early reports cited it was never intended for the song to be a single, although Jake Nava the director of the "Mirrors" commercial said otherwise). And One Republic frontman and writer of Beyoncé's hit single "Halo" Ryan Tedder let the pussy out of the bag and run wild that Pepsiyoncé hasn't even finished recording her fifth studio album. Lawd.

This could either be part of some unplanned ploy which goes wonderfully well for Beyoncé's new album, or it could damage it. Madonna rushed out a new single in time for her Super bowl performance, dropped her new album and then went straight on tour to support it, giving away copies of the supporting album to those who bought tickets to her tour. Beyonce on the other hand dropped no new material leading up to her Super bowl performance, didn't unveil anything new at the performance, has spilled nothing on her new album title or its release date and so far we've only heard previews of 3 songs, 2 of which we don't even know will make the cut. Biggest mistake? Or part of a master plan?

There was no promise of new material and fans still risked their college tuitions and house mortgage payments to get those world tour tickets. The staggered momentum of new Beyoncé related news will keep fans on their toes and prevent being given everything in one go. So it may be for the best. It's just a shame for those attending her earlier gigs that they won't get to see her perform new material live, which they know is imminent.

Serbia was mad about the lack of new material though. Hence why some fans went for that wig and slapped her as she walked through the pit to the stage during the opening leg of her world tour.

♪ I been own. I been own! I BEEN OWN!! Tell me who gon' take me owf. Take me owf! TAKE ME OWF!! TAKE ME OWF!!! ♪


  1. This is turning into a huge mess. Who does all this promo without a new album? I just don't understand. It's like they have no plan whatsoever.

  2. When I saw BeYAWNce getting smacked, smudged, dragged, knocked and pulled I squirted all over the place. Squirted.

    And she can keep those songs in the preview. Straight trash.


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