Beyoncé previews new song "Grown woman" in her Pepsi pimpin' commercial

The Amazonian empress from the kingdom of lost wigs and song writing credits has finally lifted Cousin It's wig off of her brand new single for her debut Pepsi commercial. Pepsi are paying her millions and billions and catrillions of dollars, so it's no surprise it took until the debut of this commercial to hear the new song. From the sounds of it, Timbaland and J-Roc are on production duties and I'm sure Beyoncé weave thrashed her way into having her name listed next to theirs as a producer too, despite doing fuck all in the studio but sing.

As cool as it is to hear a new song from B, it's the visuals of the commercial which really stick out for me. It's a really well done commercial...up until home girl reaches for the Pepsi and opens her mouth to speak.

With a beat on the song like this, we can almost guarantee that the music video to "Grown woman" will be an intimate look at where Blue Ivy came from and the lace threading on her wig, because they'll both be giving more RPM's than a washing machine on a 60° wash spin cycle.

But B. I've gotta ask. Did we really need a third lead single with a gender in the title and lyrics about what it's like to be a type of woman? Didn't you do a song with these same type lyrics on "Back up" for B'day!?

"Bow down"  was a mess (which I need in full and in my life), but at least it was a different type of mess for Beyoncé. "Grown woman" sounds safe as fack. I can only hope Timbaland is on that 20/20 experience tip and that he beat switches the absolute shit out of this song. Or I'll just have to wait for the album to get that real hotness. Dangerously in love was the only album of Beyoncé's where the single choices were spot on. Every other album saw obvious singles get sidelined in favour of rubbish nobody would bother to spend £1.99 on. Whenever I listen to "Upgrade U", "Radio" and "End of time" I wonder what the hell Columbia were thinking by not releasing them.


  1. Her face is getting hard like her mother's and losing the softness.

    Perception has always been she was old anyways. She has never been her age. Looks well into her 30s but didn't she just get out of her 20s.


    And then that pink outfit version of her with the straight hair looked boss. Face looked nice. Then everything else had her face looking life a granite rock.

    She needs to stop.

    1. Gotta agree, she's looking a little stiff.

      Maybe a little too much botox wait it out another 6 months till it wears off and we'll see.

      This song is amazing though and this is the only commercial I never skip it's really well done.


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