MiChi to release a new digital single, "Starting over".

Sony must be feeling generous or running out of options for their roster of non selling artists, because MiChi has been given a window in April to release a digital single. MiChi is one of the brightest / most interesting artists signed to Sony, which is why I find it so tragic that Sony music give her about as much support as Aretha Franklin's titties get in a silk blouse. And from the looks of this promotional video, MiChi is being given no budget to shoot a music video. Resorting to having to put her Olympus SP810UZ on a tripod and self timer and shoot the damn thing herself.

I adore MiChi's Up to you. It ranks in my list of most amazing album debuts alongside Kid Cudi's Man on the moon: The end of day. Not a week goes by when I do not play a song off of it. I liked Therapy, but in retrospect I was probably easier on it than I should have been, given the stellar quality of her debut. But I can't front with "Starting over". The song sounds boring. I need those genre bending, killer hook, hot beat laden songs MiChi came with during her Up to you era. If she had just gone with "Sound of love" as a single instead, I would have been happy. That song was giving me everything that none of the Therapy singles gave me, with the exception of "Love is". What is happening to this girl!?


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