Perfume to release a new single "Magic of love" on May 22nd.

Nakata's hoes aka My bitches aka Yo' bitches will be releasing their second single of 2013 on May 22, "Magic of love". Unlike the childlike hell that was "Mirai no museum" and "Spending all my time" which divided fans clearly down the middle despite being perfection - "Magic of love" is a much safer, more expectant Perfumey offering which picks up directly where "Spring of life" took off.

Catch the commercial below, which features the girls swagging in fly JPN looking dresses and busting out a routine which features some leg.

"Magic of love" will also feature a B-side which is currently untitled, with no info as to whether it will be product affiliated as "Magic of love" is. I hope it's some crack. "Magic of love" sounds nice, but I need more. "Spending all my time" has been the only single post JPN which ticked all of my boxes and had me fall in love. I've even thrown "Hurly burly" to the side in favour of it. I know I'm probably alone in this, but I don't give two shits. That song is the bomb diggy and I plays it ORL ZI TIME! *puts on white socks and a black pump*


  1. I love this song already. I actually still love "Mirai no Museum", but this might be the return of Perfume for everyone! Although, I'm still on GODing all my time!

  2. This one sucks too. Looks Like I won't be getting their next Album either. Not even for Hurly Burly.

    It's a year later. It is almost Summer again. Time for another Summer Jam. Hurly Burly part 2.

  3. This will be an awsum birthday present for me. A new Perfume single that actually sounds amazing from first listen!

  4. It doesn't sound all that amazing to me. It sounds better than "Mirai no museum", but not amazing. Pussy Pamyu's "Invader invader" sounds a shit tonne better. But I'll see how the song fares once I've heard it in full. Nakata may have tricked it out either side of what we hear in the preview.

    The only Perfume singles which have had me sprung on a first listen post JPN were "Spring of life" and "Spending all my time" / "Hurly burly". The latter of which felt underwhelming to me once I'd heard it in full.

    I still play the shit out of "Spending all my time".

    Perfume's singles this era are mad weak in comparison JPN's.

  5. It was fully released on radio . Please review it!

  6. Maybe we should wait for the HQ and B-side before we get ahead of ourselves.


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