Namie is bossing on Facebook. CAN YOU CELEBRATE?

The pop star formerly known as Britney kicks off her Vegas residency. No fucks. No life.

A 'LEVEL3 4th tour in dome' post. A haven for team Prfm to discuss, dissect, throw shade, etc.

Ayu is engaged...again

Namie gets kissed in a commercial for ESPRIQUE and doesn't really give a shit.

Ayumi Hamasaki's Feel the love / Merry-go-round debuts at number 3. The fall of Ayu continues.

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Mass wig snatching in 2014. Hikaru Utada to celebrate the 15th anniversary of First love with a re-release and unreleased material.

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Hikaru Utada performing "Passion" and "Sanctuary" on her In the flesh tour.

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Perfume make Japan team Prfm fall in love with "Sweet refrain" against their will

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