Perfume make Japan team Prfm fall in love with "Sweet refrain" against their will

Perfume's "Sweet refrain" performances | Random J Pop

When I first heard "Sweet refrain", I did not like it. I did not like it at all. But I always knew these girls would have me mesmerized with the music video and live performances of it and make me 'kinda' like the song. Now I can't get the damn song out of my head.

I heard this song and saw the music video play every single day I was in Tokyo last week. I was staying in Shibuya, where Tower records and Tsutaya had this song and video playing daily on giant screens and speakers for all passers by to see and hear.

Team Perfume knew exactly what time it was. Hence why they had Perfume hold clocks in the music video. They know the song is whack, so they made sure they'd ensnare us all somehow, with the same things they always do which never fails: Legs and a hot routine. As as been a theme this era, the music video only features bits and pieces of the choreography, with the full thing being run through live. And as has also been a theme this era, the routine is on point and a little different for Perfume. Lots of sweeping arm movements and all body movement. I am all about that thug peg-leg Pirate bounce at 0:48. Watch me pull that shit out next time I'm at a club and my jam comes on.

Several "Swee reflane" performances split screened

CDTV performance

Kashiyuka and Nocchi may as well performed this song by themselves, because I was not paying A-chan any mind. Zero. None.


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