Music video: Phantogram - Black out days

New York two-piece Phantogram are here to spread some dark illuminati shit all over your white and bright Christmas cheer this year with "Black out days". This video is fucked up. It's like what you would get if you were to let Yoann Lemoine direct the opening sequence to a 007 movie.

The song is a banger and I'm completely jacking Sarah's shoulder bounce the next time I hit a club and a trap joint comes on.

Hip-hop heads and Outkast fans may be some-what familiar with Phantogram via Big Boi's Vicious lies and dangerous rumors on which they featured and also produced a couple of tracks for.


  1. Wow, this totally changes the dynamic I thought was going to be for this single (since it's paired with Neonlight Lipstick & Ballerina)! I really like it! It totally gives me PLAY/Style Namie back, as well as almost feeling somewhat new and fresh! I hope we get more R&B Namie back too... I've been missing my daily dose of "Hide & Seek", "Violet Sauce", & "Hello" Namie, although I wouldn't mind "FIRST TIMER", "WILD", "YEAH-OH" Namie either! :D

  2. I don't like this :/ plain boredom.

  3. The slayage just won't let up. Namie hops on messy autotuned EDM and snatches wigs. Namie hops on that complextro swag and makes SHINee look redundant with a three year old song (yeah, I said it; Ballerina > Everybody). And now Namie is on that oldschool J-R&B swag, effectively making Ayu Hamadesperate and Koda Thirstumi's careers dead. MAH KWEEN!!

  4. I like it. I think it needs a proper bridge section and the chorus took some getting used to, but it's nice overall

  5. Middle of the road song that does no thing special.

    Ayumi should play this at her elopement.

  6. Despite its simple arrangement and my critical taste in music, I actually quite like 'TSUKI'. It's a nice change for Namie in regard to her recent string of complex/bizarre music releases. It definitely sounds reminiscent of her "PLAY" era while the chorus has a modern feel to it.

    It seems she's finally moving on from EDM. *thanks God silently*


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