Ayumi Hamasaki's Feel the love / Merry-go-round debuts at number 3. The fall of Ayu continues.

Ayumi Hamasaki's new single debuts at number 3. The fall of Ayu continues | Random J Pop
Whatever Ayu is feeling right now at this news probably isn't love, given that TA (Team Ayu) couldn't be bothered to buy enough copies of her latest single Feel the love / Merry-go-round between them to have it debut at number 1.

Having your single go in at number 3 is by no means a flop...unless your name is Ayumi Hamasaki. For years the only chart position she knew was number 1. But over the past 2 years, she's been getting real cosy with ORICON charts positions 2 and 3.

Shit like this happening was why Ayu was scared to drop a physical single for so long. Now that her worst nightmare has actually happened, she will not release another single again. In lieu of Beyoncé dropping her album with no announcement, no promotion and music videos for every song, let's watch Ayu try and attempt the exact same thing. To back Ayu's corner for a second, she was all over the whole shoot videos for everything before Beyoncé was crazy in love - so she would probably do this anyway. But whilst Beyoncé managed to crash iTunes and go in at number 1 with a surprise release, we know there is no chance in hell of the same happening for Ayu if she were to do the same. Not in 2014. She needs to step back from music until 2015 if she wants to remember what number 1 and wig snatching first week sales feels like.

For Feel the love / Merry-go-round to have even debuted at number 3 is an amazing feat, because the song and video are both awful and Ayu didn't do a damn thing to promote it other than have ask for a tweet to go out from the Avex news account when its available on Amazon.co.jp.


  1. Maybe if she didn't smother her instrumentals with her annoying ass backing vocals, people would actually want to buy her expensive ass singles. #JustSayin' #BitterAsHell #ILoveTacos

    *ahem* Ayu debuting at number three shouldn't be news to anyone; her shit's been falling off since forever. What *should* be news is that her ass got her wig snatched some a misc. performance group called Flower. Now, this isn't surprising seeing to as how Flower's song is actually good and Feel the Love is a horrid guilty pleasure that must be kept secret at all times, but seriously; I didn't know they were releasing a single till I saw it on JpopSuki's homepage (Sony Music stay on that no promo game). And on top of all of this, Feel the Love/merry-go-round leaked three weeks before the release date. Po' Ayu, she must be ripping her weave collection to pieces right now.

  2. OMG yes Flower slayed at No. 2!!!

    Flower's song is so amazing. I think this is their highest charting song yet.

  3. I can see her going number one, but she and kumi both need to take like a year away with no promo then just slay like Bey did. They are both big enough stars to do that.


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