Hikaru Utada performing "Passion" and "Sanctuary" on her In the flesh tour.

I will continually hold a grudge against Ticketmaster for fucking up so royally with my ticket to see Hikaru Utada on her In the flesh tour 3 years ago until the day I die. This marks a pain which has continually been stewed with no surfacing of professional footage of this tour or a DVD of it. But a video of the tour is now finally available to fans on iTunes Japan. I want to be optimistic about this eventually being made available internationally, but it took us 4 years to just get this.

For the time being, here's footage of  Hikaru's performance of "Passion" and "Sanctuary".

Much like a fine wine, "Passion" just gets better with time. Even now I find myself falling more and more in love with this song each time I hear it. It still sounds fresh on my ears to this day.

The crimped untamed hair in the face is a look I approve of. I can even get on board with the sequinned top and leopard print skirt. Hikaru's style game is usually a bit of a mess, but this get-up was quite hot. I call this look '80's fuck it'. For obvious reasons.

Let's all bow our heads to the instrumental of "Colors" and pray that the In the flesh tour is made available internationally. I'm not one for tour videos, but I want this one. I WANT IT SO BAD.

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  1. Their hood / swag material all sounds the same to me. Hearing those same songs month in, month out is what switched me off to 2NE1, where-as songs such as "I love you" and "Missing you" brought me back.

    What YG / Teddy need to create is a balance, because the two musical and visual styles shouldn't be as polar as they are.

    There are many other musical styles and song types 2NE1 could be doing, but they're currently stuck between the same 2 or 3.

  2. I'm about to rip the weave off the head of the nigga who geo-blocked that video; I'm seriously pissed right now -_-

  3. I love the wannabe ratchet act, but I do agree that ILY trumps a lot of their earlier material. I honestly just want something other than another love/breakup song from these girls; like seriously, a song about anything other love, heartbreak, or loss. I know that goes against the code of K-Pop, but ILY and this song is the only one from this era (if you can consider ILY part of this album cycle XD) that I actually like (FIL and DYLM are merely being tolerated).

  4. indeed and i hate how yg promotes them (too much buzz usually for nothing) this song was nice but i would like ot hear dara without autotune for once!
    and yes i like bom the best out of the group and it saddens me she has done so much work being so young.

  5. If you want to watch it download Hola. It's a browser extension that lets you watched region blocked vids. Honestly though, this performance wasn't all that. She performed it best in NY.

  6. I saw her live in London and it was the best night of my life.. :))


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