Music video: 2NE1 - Missing you

I still continually question whether there is any true point to 2NE1 these days, but YG and the girls did good with "Missing you". It's a complete deviation from what you would expect an idol girl group to release as a promo song in Korea. It would be great if "Missing you" somehow carved a new path and template for idol song releases in K-Pop, but it won't. Idol K-Pop ain't gonna change for shit.

The melancholy vibe of the song and video feels a lot like "I love you" - the song everybody hated whilst I was here slow grinding thinking 'Damn. This is one of the best songs 2NE1 have released in ages'. I kept expecting it to switch into a dance jam, so was completely taken aback when the chorus didn't transition into a four-on-the-floor euphoric techno jam. A nice climax.

The netizens were in a tizzy over CL's nude shot. But nobody had a damn thing to say about Bom's face looking like a Japanese Noh mask. She wore one expression throughout this entire video because it's probably the only expression her face can pull. She could barely move her mouth to sing the song. Bom is the poker face queen and she has some Seoul surgeon with a botox needle to thank for that. Bom should carry flash cards with her which have her feelings written on them, because her face is no longer able to convey any of them.


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