Namie gets kissed in a commercial for ESPRIQUE and doesn't really give a shit.

Namie has released a new commercial for Esprique, who by this point are pretty much Namie's Yen supplier. Usually these commercials feature a brand new song from Queen Namiserable I, but she decided to give them an oldie in the form of her 2011 single "Love story". After all, Esprique had already gotten "Neonlight lipstick" a couple of months ago. For them to have a new song now would've been greedy.

Just watch how Uncontrolled finds its way back into the charts for the new year.

Namie got kissed, but gave zero fucks because a dude kissed the wrong lips. Namie wants those kisses down low. She ain't trying to test the smudge proof quality of her lipstick on no man.

This commercial also highlights a problem I have with televised kisses in Japan, which is that they look bloody awful. I constantly shake my head when couples 'kiss' in J-drama's, because they are nothing but lip bumps and you're lucky if you even get that. There's nothing worse when you're watching a scene between two characters having a passionate argument and then one of them declares their love before going in for the deadest kiss ever and just kills the entire scene. It's awful.

Namie only gets away with this because she doesn't care what any of us thinks and about anything.


  1. Love story has already returned to the top 30 of the digital download charts and it's charting higher than Feel the Flop and Merry Ho Down. Ayu is currently on suicide watch. Namie's old shit is more relevant than Ayus new shit. As if we needed another indication of the decline of Ayu.

  2. "Feel the Flop and Merry Ho Down"


  3. I love how this commercial makes Love Story a lot more to my interests; when I first copped Uncontrolled, I had zero time or fucks for it. Anyway, that kiss wasn't as bad as the ones I've seen in K-dramas. Now *those* are awkward and forced and make me want to cry.

  4. All visual, no substance. A Girl with Parkinson's in her shoulders. And a cute Guy who got no lines that I was waiting for. BAI


  6. This CM it's too sugary for Queen Namiserable. She ain't here for that.
    Can't they just make a Japanese version of "Maleficent" with Namie as the "Mistress of All Evil"? She'd be SO perfect for that role.

  7. "Feel the Flop and Merry Ho Down"

    Y'all are killing me with the incessant ayu shade. :D


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