Music video: Namie Amuro - Neonlight lipstick

Namie working the black hooded cloak and serving up Sleepy hollow realness marks the point at which wigs were held for a random that broads can't pay.

"Neonlight lipstick"'s video feels wholly familiar, between it using the same concept of the commercial the song featured in and it also sharing the fairy tale theme of "Do me more" and the good and bad Namie concept from "Yeah-oh!". Just to put this into perspective in terms of what other chicks at Avex are doing with their time and money - "Neonlight lipstick" looks better than all of the music videos Ayu and Kumi Koda have released over the past year. In Ayu's case, "Neonlight lipstick" looks better than all of the music videos Ayu has released over the past 3 years.

"Neonlight lipstick" isn't that great a song. I love the B-section where the melody goes all Jackson's "Can you feel it?". But the song as a whole feels too murky. The production feels too loose and the auto tune on Namie's vocals just mar the entire song, causing the music and her vocals to just bleed into an electronic drone. It is a wholly forgettable song, but the video makes it more tolerable. The rich aesthetic and the pacing did enough of a job that I wasn't sat moaning about how there should have been more dancing. Although the dancing this video did feature could have been better. It didn't look as though there was an actual routine. All Namie and her shady cloak ho's were doing was just throwing their hips from side to side. But I'll forgive this because of how on point Namie looked dancing in the snow in that black hooded cloak.  I really am all about that look. Namie needs to turn up to Ayu's doorstep in that get-up and pull out a scroll which reads: "I HEREBY DECLARE THAT YOUR CAREER BE LAID TO REST ON THIS DAY" as her two back-up cloak ho's blow black dust and smoke everywhere for that Juju death effect, just to make it official and make Ayu lose some sleep.


  1. Po' Brit Brit... loljk XD

  2. J, can you go *any* length of time without painfully snatching Ayu's wig away from her? I would say it's getting ridiculous, but I enjoy it too much for you to stop :3 You know who else keeps snatching that po' gurl's (lol I made a funny :3) wig? Namie IDGAF-Bout-Yo-Weave-Game Amuro. Jasmine has been *all* up in Ayu's crib, doing all she can to keep them tresses down, but Namie does not give a DAMN!! This video is a note to Ayu *and* Kumi *and another other ho in the industry that she has shit on lock and she *will* snatch a wig or 500 if anyone tries her. Except Utada. Because her weave is so tight, even Pamyu P ain't dumb enough to try her.

    *ahem* Shade aside, I was kind of side eyeing this video for a quick minute. That was, until Namie Slaymuro popped up looking shady as hell and slapped the indecision right out of me. I wonder how this woman does it; I really do. This lazy, IDGAF swagger she has down to a T would get any other chick in the industry's career so dead, they'd make flops like Crystal Kay and Jasmine would look like chart toppers, but it just makes everyone I know love her even more. This song is very weak and that routine is too, but it just works. I'd love to see Ayu or Kumi make a song this generic and see how much shade gets thrown at them XD

  3. This video was a directionless mess. It didn't even seem like it had a story line. I couldn't tell if Britney was the girlfriend or the affair-holder, or some prostitute that the guy left behind.

    There was so much that this could have been. With a song about perfume, they could have had Britney be this badass bitch, come out of nowhere, kill the other bitch, and spray her man with perfume, marking him as her territory, permanently. Lol. Okay maybe not that extreme, but even that would have been better than this bore-fest of a video.

  4. Actually, that's what the video legit was, minus the perfume spraying. Her team forced the director to cut the ending, though.

  5. That's interesting. It would have added a little bit of flare to the video. But ultimately it would still suck because the whole thing is just a photo shoot brought to life without any cohesive story line.

  6. Meanwhile Ayumi Hamasaki is engaged again to an American guy who is 10 years younger than her. smh. I hope she gets married, and retires from music for a few years.

  7. That was a hella boring ass mv

  8. This song actually is good so keep all the shade and stop casting shadows.

    Namie brought out the Grim Reaper Cloak, got in a casket carried by the kids from Contrail, danced on top books written in Engrish, and casted herself as "The Fairest of Them All."

    What have your fave done for you lately?

    Kumi is nobody's fave so she off the hook.
    Utada has done nothing but it's okay, she don't care.
    ayumi got another boyfriend. He put a ring on it. And she has a Single coming out, but these 2 things are unrelated.

  9. ライス シジャエ15 December 2013 at 08:19

    I just came across the blog about 20 minutes ago & I LOVE YOU. The way you write about Miss CK brought a smile to my face the whole time. I just don't understand why this album didn't sell that good. Was everybody expecting another shitty "Spin the Music"??
    In relation to what you've been saying about her evolving. I hope "DUM DITTY DUM" bring some attention to her. It's fierce, I just don't want her to take it too far & start singing about kinky shit all the time. The picture included is all 23 of my CK CDs. I feel like the only person in Texas who even knows she exist. MORE AMERICANS NEED TO KNOW HER!!

  10. Well a more tasteful way of killing than an easy boring gun shot would have been nice.

    Seeing that image, I don't mind that they cut it because I came up with much better in my head. And it would be better to kill the girl.

    You gonna kill the guy and then spray perfume on him.

    Actually....that's hilarious. I approve.

  11. Britney is the first death of an artist where people didn't run out to buy the music.

  12. I love how you throw shade constantly at ayu XD

  13. The song is generic and doesn't really go anywhere. If anything the MV should have been coupled with a more memorable song. Such a waste. She was giving me fierce Maleficent/Evil Queen realness in that black cloak.

    "Namie needs to turn up to Ayu's doorstep in that get-up and pull out a

    I just can't.....*flatlined*

  14. I tried to like this so bad. I wish that tornado would fucking hit that book back into the library...


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