Christmas comes early for the Bey-hive. Beyoncé shows the existence of a "Grown woman" video.

The Amazonian empress from the kingdom of lost wigs' fifth studio album is an urban legend. But the "Grown woman" legacy continues to live on. Just when you think this song is dead, gone, will never be a single, something on it surfaces. Nobody, not even Safariyoncé knows if this song will end up being a single at this point.

New footage which is reported to be from the official music video has hit the internet (on the ghetto as hell Youku video site of all sites). Nobody knows when this visual was shot or the purpose of it. All that people know is that it's not been seen before and that the Bey-hive now believe Santayoncé is the Christmas saviour because she bestowed her stans with a 1 minute snippet from a video to a song which should have been released as a single 7 months ago.

The video snippet is a weird 80's, psychedelic retro trip. Not what I envisioned for the video at all, as I thought Nigeriyoncé would have gone for the common denominator and just shoot a "Deja vu", "Put it in a love song" type video. So this fun, whacky, special effect ridden video is quite cool to see, as creativity is not Beyoncé's strong point. Jonté kinda already did this shit 3 years ago for "Bitch you bedda". But this is Beyoncé all over. Re-hashing what somebody did years ago. It wouldn't be a Rehashyoncé video unless some part of it looked 'borrowed'.

It was nice of Kelly Rowland to take time out of her busy schedule to make a guess appearance in this video. It would have been nice to see Kelly dance the "Grown woman" routine with Beyoncé. But B knows Kelly can move better than she can. After Kelly upstaged her with how she put it down with the "Single ladies" routine at the Super bowl, she really is not trying to have that happen on camera again.

Only Delayoncé could have a clip to a 6 month old song surface online and have people go crazy. I'm beginning to believe that if Beyoncé finally released "Grown woman" officially she could still somehow have a hit with it. There is no denying that beat.


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