Music video: Namie Amuro - Big boys cry

"Big boys cry" is Japan's twerk anthem of 2013. So of course the music video would look like Christmas and feature children looking out of their windows to watch ballerina's pop their pussies in tutu's as Namie works her waist on a sled decorated in fairy lights. It only makes sense because it's Namie Amuro and Namie can do what the fuck she likes. Dropping an Alice in Wonderland video with an 8 year old girl to a song about Namie wanting mo' of the D. WHAT THE FUCK SHE LIKES!

I love Namie Amuro. But let us fans be real. "Big boys cry" is a forgettable song. But a really cool dance routine could have elevated it into being memorable and sticking in our minds - much like The Amazonian android empress from the kingdom of lost wigs' aka Beyoncé's "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)". I hated that song. It was just a carbon copy of "Get me bodied" (which I still think is the superior song). But the music video made that song and is so synonymous with it. I felt Namie could've pulled the same trick with this if she danced a strong routine. But all the woman did was stay rooted to the spot and move a little bit. It always annoys me when Namie does this for songs which are calling for her to go in on a dance routine. I expected as much though, given that her live performance of the song during her Asia tour and the Tokyo girls collection 2013 gig featured a non existant routine. It's an utter shame, because she looks hot (dat pink outfit wid da bob ya'll!!) and the set and special effects look money.

I'm laughing at how Avex are giving all of their artists budgets for their music videos except Ayu.


  1. That was a piece of crap and so is the song. I couldn't even tell what language she was singing in, honestly. Her songs are just getting worse with every release. She used to put out good music but this sounds like some idol shit. I guess that's what Japan wants to hear cause she's selling. Total fail imo, lol.

  2. Avex spent too much on Ayu's divorce lawyers as it is, she isn't getting any big budget videos for a while.

    I agree with Beruda though; her engrish is so bad on this song that I can't tell where the engrish starts and where it ends.

    But like I said; it's a constant pattern with Namie that the first single from her upcoming albums always are shit. 'Alarm' was good to me but sold half of what all the other singles from queen of hip-pop did; 'White Light/Violet Sauce' was poop; and 'Break it' was just as forgettable as BBC.

  3. I think she just wants us to ignore the lyrics haha...

    I'm glad though that Namie is smiling again!

  4. With every release Namie puts out it seems less thought and creativity went into it. I can't understand what the hell this chick is blabbering on about in the song and the video was cheap. The song isn't that bad though.

    I agree with David. Her initial album single releases are usually mediocre but her later releases are far more appealing. I'm sure her next one will be better.

    With the exception of "Higher", everything she has released after "Past<Future" has been slightly lackluster in my opinion.

  5. Replies
    1. You must have just seen the sales.

  6. Omg the lyrics to this song... haha, so sexual.
    "I do what I want I do what I like.
    Pushing up right on it ’till them big boys cry"

  7. I think she should make a bad ass song like Put Em Up again. Bad ass namie concept plz!!!


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