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MWAOR of Perfume's "Spring of life" music video

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The Forehead poses with her Battleship movie poster. Looks a mess.

Nocchi works some booty in Perfume's "Spring of life" PV preview

Ayumi Hamasaki debuts on the ORICON charts at number 2. The fall off begins...

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Angela Aki is back in the studio!

Nicki Minaj covers Complex. Preps new overlong album release.

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Madonna gets run through dat Photoshop for M.D.N.A. Still hot tho.

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Madgina drops a teaser of her "Girl gone wild" music video. It's reductive. She don't care.

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Perfume switch labels. Drop "Spring of life" in a TV commercial. Announce global domination.

Beni covers EXILE as she tries for a Golden globe

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Rihanna pops her p***y all over Johnathon Ross' desk

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