Yamapi farts his way through "Ai, Texas" on Music Japan

Yamashita Tomohisa - Ai, Texas @ Music station | Live performance

Some groups feature members who are destined from the start to outgrow their peers and go on to enjoy major solo success. They've got the look, the moves, the voice, the talent. They pretty much carry the damn group, who eventually become dead weight to them. We've seen this play out with Justin Timberlake and *NSync. Beyoncé and Destiny's child. Michael Jackson and The Jacksons. Then you have groups which feature members who think they're bigger than the group and have what it takes to go it alone, when the truth is they shoulda kept their ass in the group. Such as Yamashita 'Yamapi' Tomohisa and NewS.

Yamapi can't dance, he can't sing, he has no charisma. He has a voice like farts and he has as much sense of rhythm as a Lemur on Demerol. Why Johnny agreed to let him go solo, I have no clue. He must be drunk on Yamapi's peen like something chronic. That's the only reason I can give for Johnny letting Yamapi go solo and then deliver dead performances like this...

The flowers, the glitter, the accessories, the clothes. He was a head to toe hot mess. Yamapi had his jacket open and was 6 packed out. But the flowers, the glitter, the accessories, the clothes... and then there's the performance. Miming. Moves like a doped up stripper. If Johnny stanning bitches buy into this crap, then they should be swiftly kneecapped. It's an utter shame, because I like the song. I dig the old sound. But with Yamapi at the helm, I just can't.

I do not see the point in Johnny 'I like dem willies' Kitagawa having NewS go on as a group when two of the most popular members are no longer a part of it. NewS are crippled now. With Yamapi and Ryo gone, there's nothing to them. Yamapi and Ryo didn't exactly make the group. None of the members do really. NewS is a group which survives on numbers and with 2 members down, Johnny either needs to lay the law down on Yamashita and tell him to suck it up and re-join the group and tell Ryo needs to stop being a bitch and work his ass into the ground in both Kanjani 8 and NewS, or he needs to call it a day and just disband the damn group.


  1. that show is actually Music Japan, different from M'station

    anyway his stans all over this song,and all his forgiven when they see his abs -_-
    I never liked them,anyway who stans this dude has a lack of taste cuz he has no redeeming factor

    I think NEWS can do well w/o those two,they were the biggest personalities but the talent lay with the other 3/4 members,Shige is just useless but cute

    if they give them material quick,and actually promote the members they could make it, JEs are guaranteed success it is only up to if the company cares enough for them, and seeing how they just debuted 3 pedo-bait groups in a row, I doubt NEWS is gonna do big things

  2. This was painful to watch...

  3. Oh wow... Yamashita lost it... That was creepy and crappy


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