Music video: Rye Rye - Boom boom

This hoe did not just go and sample a f**king Vengaboys song. Dear Lawd. Have mercy on dis child.

This is one of the worst songs that Rye Rye has dropped. But it's always these garbage sell out songs which gets an underground artist that breakout hit which leads to an album release. Rye Rye has been hustling to get an album out for years. So if this trash is what helps her get that shit off the shelf and into stores, then good luck to her. It's a shame she couldn't have come with a better song, because she has recorded some blazing hot material over the years which really showcase what makes her different. This "Boom boom" joint could easily be a Nicki Minaj or a Ke$ha B-side and this is not the kinda thing Rye Rye needs people to be saying right now.

I want the chick I first saw giving that Baltimore stank on "Bang" and then switching up Miley's "Party in the USA".

I liked the video though. My favourite part was when Rye Rye kicked a n***a down into the bonus stage.


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