Music video: Madonna - Girl gone wild

Check those dudes out. Poppin' their p***y in heels and tights, and working that shit in a more graceful and swagtastic manner than Madgina. Although, this shouldn't come as a surprise. We all remember how that n***a made Madgina look a choreographed flop during that running man routine for "Vogue". But credit to the hoe. She looks good for 105 years old. That body was looking on point and she was moving with a level of agility and flexibility that your 20 odd year old fave could never.

This video was hot, but it was like so much of what Madgina had done before and also what Lady Gaga had paid homage to / ripped off / stole for her "Alejandro" video. So it felt very samey and also...what's that word? Oh yeah. Reductive. (I'mma work that word into every damn Madonna post). But the cinematography was a 10 and Madonna was giving us that sex against our wills. There should have been way more Jon Kortajarena though. In fact, the whole video should have just been him licking an apple.

I heard a couple songs off of M.D.N.A today. Still not feeling how that album sounds. Ain't a damn song hit me how "Give it 2 me", "Heartbeat" and "Miles away" did on Hard candy. Oddly enough I heard "Masterpiece" in H&M today and rather like it. It's a great song to try clothes on to when you're feeling bloated and tired.


  1. I don't actually think this was reductive at all, it was a great homage to her past video's IMO and watching it i was just tripping of the sheer fierceness. Gaga never had a quarter of Madonna's presence in her vid, when Madonna was doing that Monologue at the start i almost called a priest in to exorcise me lmao! The song is one of the better I've heard from "MDNA" but the video slays full stop. Madonna was giving me these crazy old fierce Bette Davies bitch vibes lmfao and who EVER that lush apple licking boy is send him my way!!! ;D

  2. I agree, this video brings to mind several of her past videos, Vogue comes to mind. I like it. It makes the song sound better. Now that's dancing with feeling. Namie should be checking this video out. Madonna's got 20 years on her and she can't touch this imo.

  3. Forgot to mention she looks fabulous :)

  4. the video was pretty solid the dance sold me from when i see sagemad up pan the wall i was like YES...even thou its nothing new :(.near the end all i could think of is gaga
    ''Alejandro" and kylies ''get outta my way''
    still iffy but this album still

  5. haha LOL that word is never going to go away. As reductive as it is, more so to herself. I couldn't help but get the feeling that this whole video was a swift glove covered corpse backhand to Gaga. Like Madonna was reminding everyone that she did it first, and she can still do it better. I know Gaga is sat under a ton of entrails and butcher meat designing her next million dollar outfit, so she can go bankrupt AGAIN just for a little bit of attention.

  6. i feel like gaga and madonna are battling over the love (and money) of the gays. everything they do is so homoerotic and equality-pushing that i sometimes feel they alienate others who still like their music. if i were a straight man, i have no idea how i'd sit through watching this video. same thing with gaga and "alejandro". i'm glad they keep in touch with their niche and majority audience, but this war is getting bloody!

    but in real talk, this vid is beyond words. it's just everything done RIGHT. there's nothing in it you can pick apart or say didn't work. this is how it needs to be done after 20+ years in the game. also, i'm tooooo excited she got Kazaky (the 4 front guys in the dance sequence) in the vid. they're ukranian dance/music group and they SLAYYYY!!! check out their videos "In the Middle" & "LOVE", you will NOT be disappointed.


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