Single review: Alphabeat - Vacation

Alphabeat - Vacation | Single review

If Madonna's "Holiday" were to grow a testicle, an arm and drag itself into the year 2012, then this is probably what it would sound a little bit like. "Vacation" is that 80's lashed pop crack that Madgina fans wish she'd high tail it to the studio to record; but they won't ever admit it and instead act like they dig her souless, vapid house nonsense. But enough of that grim reaper and vaginal flaps.

Alphabeat's charm has always been that they know their sound and their lane. They're pop and they know it. They don't shy from it, they embrace it. And why not? Every artist should be proud of their music. It's their love and conviction for it which helps others get behind it. Although a catchy beat and a chorus which won't quit are of course key: two things of which Alphabeat just happen to have by the stackable box load. If you thought "Boyfriend" and "The spell" were flukes, then sorry. But Alphabeat have their pop game on lock. It's indistinct in the long run, but they know how to craft a pop record.

"Vacation" does what it says on its ID3v2 tag. It's a guitar laden, synth jam about feet in sun, clear skies and sunshine. The chorus consists of the word 'Vacation' being sung amongst oh's woah's and ooooh's. The lyrics are elementary and in all honesty there aren't much of them. But it's hard work crafting a good pop record, and for the lack of lyrics and ingenuity you can fire at "Vacation" - it is a bloody good pop record that you'll fight to sit still to.

The problem with this single and all of Alphabeat's music in general is that it's pretty disposable. Despite the air tight production, pin point precision of the catchy hooks and the familiar soundscaping - Alphabeat's music doesn't stand out. Their songs often sound so much like songs you've heard before that they become indistinct and un-obtrusive. It gives their songs a hollow quality with a wide appeal, but also leaves a hole within them to be filled with some form of conviction, something which tethers them to the song as artists to make it truly theirs and unique. Every pop artist in the game could put out "Vacation" and perform it no worse and even perform it better. It's this which will always have Alphabeat left in that bracket of artists who put out good songs, but you kinda don't care about beyond that.

For all of the flaws to Alphabeat's vesseled approach to "Vacation", it is is a solid little song. It won't top the charts or set the world on fire, but I can already envision it becoming the theme to many a day time TV commercial advertising their Summer season line-ups. And until my broke ass friends sort out their finances and green light me for a guys holiday, this is as close to a vacation as I'mma get this year. Every woman, every man, put your feet in the sand and dance to this shit please. Bye.

7 out of 10

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Vacation | Digital single
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