Album art: Ayumi Hamasaki - Party queen

Ayumi Hamasaki - Party queen | Album art

This trick. Has she lost her damn mind!? Avex slap hush money at Manuel over some pictures of his willy flapping around in black and white. And then they go and commission a picture of Ayu assed out in some box? I love them. I should hate the Party queen album covers (there are 3 versions - each on horrid) with every ounce of my being. But they're are so f**king horrendous that they're classic and amazing. I want Avex to slap this shit on every digital screen in Shibuya the week this album drops. I had no idea Ayu had a skank streak in her. She made Kumi's album covers look conservative. I like to think that this is Ayu completely jacking Kumi as a middle finger to her for ripping off the Rock 'n' roll circus album covers with that surrealist Salvador Dali meets a Trafalgar square souvenir shop mess that was the Deja vu album cover.

Ayu seems to have developed a thing for London ever since her work on Rock 'n' roll circus - which involved recording, filming a video and shooting the inlay over here. Ayu began recording Party queen in London and ended up doing most of her sessions over here as well as filming two of the music videos here. She really does need to consider doing a gig in London. It must surely be on her mind. It'd sell out in a heartbeat. And I will say this here and now, that I would pay this hoe money. Bitch does NOT play with the stage productions. Although her vocals have been sounding more of a hot mess than usual live as of late.


  1. I think this is more of a fuck you to her Ex. And she's already plastered this image on the side of every truck in Shibuya, which is the next best thing to a digital screen LMAO. I wonder what Japan's response to these scanky covers are, considering the fact that they're plastered every where now.

  2. I dunno why everyone thinks she hates her ex, they only split because they coundn't make the long distance thing work. Also Avex didn't get that magazine with the nudes he did pulled it was released in Japan and Ayu even posed with a copy. (there was no dick shot either just plenty of ASS) LOL

    I actually think this cover is great, I like that Ayu is unleashing her inner skank I bet Kumi is getting her K-Fed to squish her into some fish nets so she can try and steal some shine lmao

  3. Have you seen the booklet? There's a picture with some wigs she has harvested on a couch. Thought you might like it.

  4. Nadine that is a hot mess, but I love it. She finally gave us a look into the room where she takes bitches to scalp them. I wonder if her wig removing kit is in that Gucci box?


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