Crystal Kay performs "Haru arashi" with her two back-up p***y poppers

Crystal Kay - Haru arashi | Live performance

We all love "Delicious na kinyoubi". But ain't no denying that "Haru arashi" is where it's at and that it should had itself a video and errrthang. Well, at the very least Crystal is acknowledging that it is indeed an A-side and performed it live. There was way too much stage and watching two girls glides and pussy pop to such a lovely sounding song was as misplaced as Cassie in a studio. But Crystal performed "Haru arashi". That is all really.

F**king house classic. The vocals were as shaky as a DualShock during an MGS battle with Psycho Mantis - but she looked so good that I don't care. I'm just glad she performed "Haru arashi", because it's quickly becoming my song of preference between itself and "I suck a dick on Friday" - which I LOVE by the way.

Crystal hasn't been delivering nowhere near as many live performances as I'd like. But this is one more performance that I remember seeing than when she dropped Flop and Spin the flop. I recall a vague performance of "Journey ~Kimi to futari de~" where the camera man focused more on Yamada Yu than Crystal on stage singing her damn song and that was the promotion for Spin the flop done.


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