Single art: Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull - Dance again

Jennifer Lopez - Dance again | Single art

Looking hot in a slinky black number, Louboutin heels and a type faced J.Lo looking a little too similar to that of Louis Vuitton's LV logo, Jennifer is back to catch herself a hit.

Pitbull features on everything but crisp packets and milk cartons. I liked him when he was a struggling artist signed to Lil' Jon. It's hard to stomach him when every song he does regardless of whether it's his own or in a featuring capacity sounds exactly the same. But it's admirable of J.Lo to try and keep it all in the family. 'Latina's gotsta stick together' and all that. Although her decision to have him on the track was probably for the same reason she roped RedOne back into helming the production - which is between the three of them they managed to secure her a hit. The song sounds like shit. But then again, so did "On the floor" and most of the chart toppers of the past year.

"Good hit" = better than all of these generic ass house records Jennifer keeps releasing. She sounded an auto-tuned wreck on the song, but I loved it. ♪ Don't you want me to have yo' babies . Don't you wish I was yo' boooooooo!


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