Music video: Meisa Kuroki - Frenemy

Meisa Kuroki has been laying low ever since her shotgun marriage to Jin Akanishi. But her music career ain't gonna pay those bills on its lonesome, especially with her latest album scraping the bottom of the ORICON charts. So she stepped out to whore a product...with a new song. A song which Daisuke Imai so should have given to Beni.

I have now idea what this phone with legs is, but it can probably hold a tune better than Meisa can. BANDAI should have just cut out the middle hoe and let the walking phone sing the song and handle that business. Way more cost effective and also reliable. Because you know that phone is not going to have unprotected sex with some dude its known 5 months and then marry him.

Uniqlo had better shoot this bitch in their Fall, Winter '12 range now. Because in 3 months time, there is no way in hell she's going to be able to squeeze into a merino sweater.

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  1. The Cassie of the East. I wish BENI or May J had gotten this joint.

  2. You can tell she is really trying to hide that stomach!

  3. The song reminded me of "Anything Goes" in the beginning by BENI. It was definitly her song...Now I left a comment earlier about how I think Kuroki's voice is arguably good, and I forgot to be specific. There are two songs, this not being one of them, where I find myself not minding her voice. She cannot sing, however, in my opinion.


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