Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - How beautiful you are

I want to go on about how ugly that wig is, nasty that dress was and horrendous those nails were. But this bitch had to go and drop one of those types of videos which makes you look like a c**t for saying anything bad about it. But I'mma do it any way. Ayu's dress game is better than this. That cheap BHS dress with an IKEA net curtain as a train was not cutting it. That stiff polyester wig was not properly fixed onto her head with any form of care - I could see her real hair under that shit once the fan machine got switched on. And those nails were some cheap cosplay press-ons from Hyper Japan.

The video was nice in its sentiment. But it was a bit of a rip off of Mao Denda's "My style", only with more penis.

I don't get how this woman is going to drop an album called Party queen where she's arsed out on the cover and then drop this as a first single. Although given her last few albums with the exception of Love songs, Ayu's hardly one for sticking to album names and cover concepts.


  1. I don't know what's wrong with you....I liked your blog before but know NOPE, why do you write so wonder you don't have many reader...your blog isn't getting meaner and meaner and I don't like it anymore...sorry but your the one that is a cunt and sucks with her blog!

  2. LOL there's a pressed person in the house, alert the police!

  3. Oo looks like we have a butt hurt Ayu stan. Idgaf what the sentiment behind this video was, it still doesn't detract from the fact that it's a piece of shit, which perfectly suits this piece of shit song. Everything about this is so contrived. The whole "love yourself" theme has been run into the ground countless times already.

  4. 1 - To the pressed Ayu stan i don't think J actually HATES Ayu lmao everything he says is a bit tongue in cheek.

    2. I actually like the song, the video is sweet but a bit of a letdown, although that wig does look better in real life. I saw a pic of her with Beyonce's choreographer at some event wearing it and it looked amazing.


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