Music video: Dawn Richards - Bombs

Two flop groups and this chick is still trying. Gotta admire the tenacity. Although she stands no chance of a hit with this. Nicki Minaj wasn't able to catch a thing but an album pushback with this tribal desert ass shit with "Massive attack" and even The Forehead had a narrow escape of a flop with "Hard". So Dawn can write this one off with her guarantor.

I do like the video though. A simple concept executed nicely. The song is just noise and I could barely make out a structure, but if this were to drop in a club, nobody would be caring about how catchy the song is or isn't, because the beat goes so hard. I love the section where the beat drops and the Street Fighter II Super Nintendo Capcom logo sound starts playing. Dat my shit right there.


  1. Just admit it. You liked all of the p***y popping that was going on. LOL.


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