Music video: Big bang - Bad boy

For me, this is redemption from that "Blue" mess. The styling in this video is f**king disgusting. But at least we had swagger to offset it. Although the thumbnail for the video does a shun-goku-satsu on my soul. As criminal as the styling in this video is, it is a hot video. These boys have swagger for days. And by boys, I of course only mean G-dragon, T.O.P and Taeyang. Daesung and Seugnri still got ways to go. LONG ass ways to go.

I have to hand it to these Korean n***a's for the song, because I really do like it. This marks only the second song of Big Bang's which I like and don't think sucks the back foot of a donkey. With the first being "Koe wo kikasete", which I made all kinds of vows on to have orchestrated at my funeral, with Daesung singing the shit out of that chorus.

"Bad boy" won't win over the female Korean fans as "Blue" did, as I'd imagine they would dig that whole depressing, melancholic vibe it was on; as it showed Big Bang's more vulnerable and feminine side. Because these dudes wearing selections from Hyuna's wardrobe and G-Dragon rocking weave pieces stitched to the inside of his cap aren't quite feminine enough.

"Bad boy" is bangin'. G-Dragon's weave piece makes me cry. T.O.P looks like a lesbian. Taeyang needs to take of them clothes.


  1. I've N-E-V-E-R been a fan of Big Bang's music, but this song is pretty damn good. And I mean it's REALLY good. I just hope the rest of the album is up to the same caliber.

  2. @J said, "shun-goku-satsu on my soul" AHHHHH!!!! I CAN'T! *DEAD*

    I liked the chillness of "blue" but this right here, this song is IT! taeyang outswagged EVERYBODY with that dougie he was rockin at the end -- i had to step away from the monitor, he looked too good! and i know nobody else (with exception of miss a's jia) who could rock some effin blue hair. do it TOP. and daesung. poor boy. he get's such a bad rap, but he's gon come out on top one day; i'd totally marry him. does that make me a lil korean fangirl???

  3. This is def the best song I've ever heard by them. I'm pretty sure I know where they filmed this video too :)

  4. When Taeyang was throwing his swag at that girl, OOOWEEE
    My personal fav off the entire album, T.O.P could still get it, ;) Just saying

  5. @sio I thought that part of the video was funny.
    LOL T.O.P was not giving a fuck about that bitch in the video, when she was brushing him off, he was like fuck this bitch! haha He is really the only one that could pull of a bad boy image, he has that IDGAF attitude.


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