Music video: SHINee - Sherlock

♪ I'm so curious YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAH! ♪ Probably for d**k. I see spit-roasts in Taemin and Onew's futures. And I ain't talking 'bout no pork at a family barbecue.

I'm not a fan of SHINee, but they always catch me off guard with their new singles. They caught my attention big time with "Ring ding dong" and they've got me again with "Sherlock".

All SM videos tend to look the same. A wide open set with the group dancing in the middle of it. And another open set with the members just...walking around. So it was business as usual for SHINee. But the slickness and the synchronization of the choreography in this video is what made it. I hope Jessica was taking notes. Because Girls' generation have been at it for 5 years and still struggle to keep in time and not dance like a bunch of penguins with an amputated leg.

"Sherlock" stinks of Michael Jackson's 90's wig - both song and video. But these boys pulled it off without it feeling like a shabazzing. I could imagine BoA dancing the shit out of this and also helming the song, as it reminded me a lot of something she would do and has done before. Where is that bitch? I'm kinda missing her.

Onew needs to trim his finger nails. N***a damn! Taemin needs to kill those hair extensions. And somebody needs to take the wheel, because Minho was looking a bit hot for a minute. And Key's voice. Dear Lawd, I can't. Deez jus' some keee-yids!


  1. DAMN! that was fly as F***!!! do they always put the choreo down like that?! i'm just blown away - everything was just supa dupa fly! everybody had the same amount to swag and....just WOW!

  2. You've GOT to watch the pracitce video for this, it's x10 better than the actual video and truly shows off what kind of choreo they're working with. I like that SM finally tried something NEW for a change; the idea of mashing up to album tracks for the lead single is creative and the choreography puts teamwork on a new level with how the member in front of the line has to leave the members behind them in his "shadow". Good shit! SM also recently released practice videos for SNSD too.

  3. @craver - right?! you don't see that kind of good choreo killed like that EVER. i was entertained and came away with the feeling that all 5 guys worked the same amount to produce something really spectacular. american artists don't do that (i'm looking at y'all, chris brown, jason derulo, and all them othas.)

  4. I get insider K-Tea and I heard Minho and Taemin are straight but the rest are gay. My baby daddy Jonghyun was always gay though, I could tell, same with Key.

    Anyway I love Key's voice and I love Taemin's hair. Taemin looks like an androgynous 80s rock star crossed with woodstock realness. He seems more masculine to me this era too, as opposed to something like Hello lol.

    Minho is sexy I guess coz he has the masculine thing going on but I think Key and Jonghyun are the hottest by far. When Jonghyun was queening out like a motherfucker on Music Core my dick was hard as a rock. I wanted to chain his ass to my face.

    Sherlock is an amazing song and SHINee are such a great group. Onew is the only hideous member, but he's talented so he gets a pass. I like TVXQ better because of mah man Yunho but SHINee is one of the best boy bands in the world. I wish they had international success. I love their hair to and all their clothes. Many things they have worn over the years is the type of stuff I like, but I can never afford.

    1. xD your so straightforward with your feelings. Now I don't feel like the only one!!

  5. Very good choreography. Some of the best I've ever seen in K-pop in all honesty. Their synchronization was on point and flawless. But I've have seen this type of choreo before many a time. It's nothing new on a global standard.
    In response to the "American artists don't do that" comment; to disregard the amount of work and time that certain Americans artists put into their work is just plain ignorant. From a consumer standpoint, you never truly know just how much an artist dedicates his/herself to their work and their input. Chris Brown is a prime example of someone (despite his MANY faults) who works very hard as an entertainer. ;)

  6. That boy looking like a girl is too much lol the boy with the shorts on would get it though.

  7. That wig is horrendous, and needs to be snatched. That is all.

  8. The work ethic of a music artist is not what's being disregarded here, it's the ability of an american artists to be able step away from the "me in the spotlight" mindset to "let me entertain you to the best of my ability, whether or not that includes me in the spotlight". As someone who performs and does choreo like the type above and knows what goes into american productions, the teamwork mentality is not fostered and in turn many artists miss out on creating something great like shinee produced.

  9. I don't hear any autotune and these boys actually sound like the can sing. Coreo is very good, but that long wig has to go. Other than that this song is really good. It def sounds like something MJ would've sang.


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