Madonna gets run through dat Photoshop for M.D.N.A. Still hot tho.

Madonna - M.D.N.A | Photoshoot

This photo of Madgina probably had more people working on it than Attack of the clones and she could pass as a character CGI render for a Tekken game, but this shot is bangin'. I like the M.D.N.A album cover, but I would not have been mad if she used this instead. Fly as f**k. The album still sounds like toes though. I've even lost hope for the William Orbit joints, because dem messes sound like outdated trash.

Much of what I've heard of the album so far doesn't even sound like music. It's just keyboard cat with a talkbox. Hard candy was not a classic by any means, but it at least featured a couple of songs that I could put my hand on my heart and say were hot. I will not let anybody try and tell me that "Give it 2 me", "Heartbeat" and "Miles away" were not jams.


  1. Love the pics. So sexy and love the concept.

    And I love Hard Candy, everyone hates it but I still play it to this day.


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