The full version of Unbreakable spirit, featuring Crystal Kay shitting on your faves

Delicious Deli are NOT playing with this hoe. We had the teaser to the Unbreakable spirit video 2 days ago and now we find there is a full length version. Are you getting this shit? A full length version of Crystal Kay taking two steps forward and having her dress fall off and a titty whip out? Is it wrong of me that I wanted her to start getting it and busting out "Delicious na kinyoubi"? Thought so. Witness Crystal kill your fave with four steps and two tears and a dress which cost more than their album advance.

Unbreakable spirit is a charity event to raise awareness of the Tōhoku earthquake and Tsunami. Remembering those who passed, those who risked their lives to save others and those having to build their lives from scratch. This short trailer with the unification of several global talents, coming together to create a simple, elegant and symbolic video.

Director Simon Henwood had a clear vision in mind. And gives insight which helps paint more of the picture that perhaps you don't immediately see with this video.
"I had recently collaborated on a show in Tokyo with the Swedish jewelery designer Fannie Schiavoni and her use of steel chains and scales suggested a similar thinking; the scales as water and the thousands of tiny chains as the Japanese people. Collaborating with our mutual friend the pop singer Crystal Kay and with the generous support of Ree-build (Reebok's foundation to help Japan) the film was realized."
The jewelery in this video was designed by a woman named Fannie. I'm done.

Unbreakable spirit: Tsunami aid @ Prime focus group


  1. I just can't with Crystal right now. She isn't giving me enough time to recover from the last hotness that she dropped.

    I'm loving unbreakable spirit. The music sounds like a Ryuichi Sakamoto track. It is both musically and visually beautiful.

  2. I just thinking of Ryuichi!
    I'm so proud of her. :)

  3. *speechless* The visual imagery and the heart wrenching piano music with her soothing vocals slayed me. Crystal just keeps stepping in the right direction with these side projects that she is apart of. This video was amazingly well done and the concept was clear to understand.

  4. My head is about to explode with all the CK greatness coming our way. This piece is absolutly stunning.

    Seriously... I had to pause and compose myself when she sang the first note lol
    The video is beautiful and so is the dress and CK, she needs to release a ballad soon! lol


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