Perfume aka Robohoes make it rain wigs with a teaser of "Spring of life"

Perfume's gotten more promo in the past two weeks that they managed to get over the past year. A worldwide release of JPN on a new label. Headlining the MTV VMAJ's. A life time supply of Kirin for working a fly dress and some heel in a TV commercial and plans of world domination.

This teaser for their upcoming smash which will make your faves' next single sound like a piece of shit, shows what Perfume do when they're not harvesting wigs.

Dem dresses. The concept. The beat. Everything. These robohoes will NOT have "Spring of life" fall off.

The chorus to this song sounded so bright that I was not expecting it to have a section in it which sounded so dark and grimey. This sounds more like something you'd hear on a Capsule album, but I love the shit out of it.

xSTEV3N. I love you man. Thank you for sending this my way.


  1. I'm already getting a headache.

  2. LOL Beruda! Don't hate! :P haha It took me a while to get used to them. Those bitches somehow managed to worm there way onto my itunes, and then eventually my ipod. Glitter is my jam, and I never thought it would be so. I still can only take them in small doses because their voices grate on me.

  3. It kinda reminds me of "edge". How it's basically such a dark sounding electro song that could've been on capsule's album, but then it just switches gears when it hits the chorus. I really do hope this next album reminds me of their "third" (or second if you don't count the "Best of" album) album, ⊿. That truly is an amazing piece of electro work. :D


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