Ike and Tina re-unite for a couple of remixes

Rihanna featuring Chris Brown - Birthday cake | Dear lawd...

I'm not going to go on some rant on how irresponsible Rihanna is for collaborating with Chris Brown on two songs, because everybody else has done it already and done it to death. But it's a shitty message to put out (Oh look, a rant has started). That you'd stoop this low just for a bit of publicity and to push extra units of your album. With The Forehead having delivered an album about getting f**ked and now collaborating with the man who beat her, it makes you wonder what this skank will do next for the sake of publicity and selling a record. I'm awaiting explicit #twitterafterdark twitpics of her pierced labia and an upcoming album called My pussy.

Talk that talk by Rihanna's past album standards is a bit of a slow seller, with a complete lack of hits. "You da one" may as well had not been a single at all. And ain't no way in hell that "Talk that talk" is going to be a hit single. And with that we have pretty much exhausted the hits on that album. I'm all about "Watch 'n learn", but that won't burn up the mainstream charts, despite getting serious spins on the likes of Choice FM and in those ghetto hole in the walls n***a's call clubs.

As if the pairing of Ike and Tina on the "Birthday cake" remix wasn't bad enough, it plummets to subterranean levels of low with the crassness of the lyrics. Once Tina is done singing her filth, Ike drops the line:
Girl, I wanna fuck you right now
Been a long time, I’ve been missing your body
Let me-let me turn the lights down
When I go down, it’s a private party
Chris don't turn light down, he knocks them lights OUT!
Really Rihanna!? You gonna let Chris Brown whale on your face like the sack from Super smash bros. and then put him on a song singing that shit about you? Why not let a n***a piss on your face too whilst you're at it? Forgiving and forgetting makes a bigger person. But to then put them on your song singing this type of vulgarity is just stupidity. Especially after the digs Chris took at Rihanna on his Graffiti album track "Famous girl". I guess this hoe was that desperate to push extra copies of Talk that talk.

In Japan; when folk in the industry act up they just get blacklisted, so this type of shit don't happen. I think folk need to get a bit more strict in the west too. Chris Brown shouldn't even have a hit on the radio, yet here is is. Parading around like nothing happened. Forgiven. With loyal following of female fans who still love him and want to be his be his next girlfriend. Bitches, please wake up. Chris Brown doesn't do girlfriends. He does VICTIMS.

It wouldn't surprise me if these two were f**king on the not so down low. "S&M" alluded to Rihanna liking a man to beat her during sex and we all know Chris can deliver on this front. At least with the beatings any way.

As for the songs, I don't like either of the remixes. The "Birthday cake" remix didn't need Chris Brown on it. And despite me longing for a longer version of "Birthday cake", I'm now regretting that it's available. The song being short 'n sweet worked better. Chris Brown is on the song too much to the point where he takes over the whole thing. And Rihanna's additional lyrics just get more ridiculous and stupid as they go on. The song hits a point where there are no entendres and the lyrics just become utter nonsense.

"Turn up the music" gets done like a domestic abuse victim too. Rihanna sounds hot on the remix. In fact, the song suits her better than it does Chris - given that she already stomped this ground with "We found love". But the re-structuring of the song feels off because they just threw it up in the air and let it land and then plonked Rihanna on it.

And there we have it. Two remixes which are a hot mess from two artists who are a hot mess after one of them turned the other one's face into a 72 hour hot mess.


  1. I'm 85% of the way with you there. The lyrics that are definitely directed at Chris bug the hell out of me, but the other 15% of me likes the end of that song (Rihanna's end verse... after the whatever conversation between the two)... that shit is hawt, and makes me wish so badly that Chris was not on it at all...

  2. I don't understand her at all. Well I always thought she was a no talent bitch anyway. And now she's a no talent bitch with no self respect.


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