Music video: 2NE1 - Scream

YG entertainment are ignoring the memo's that Japan does not give a f**k about these bitches and are continuing to have them release music over there. If you ain't Girls' generation or T-ara, Japan is not caring if you're a girl group from Korea. YG needs to stop wasting money and time. Japan does not want Jeremy Scotted hoes rapping, singing and swaggalizing in rooms with flashing lights. They want dead inside bitches in groups of five or more who can just about hold together a routine to a polished pop gem. YG either need to clean up 2NE1's act or fly their ass outta Japan.


  1. Japan doesn't seem to take to kindly to YG artists. Big Bang barely scrape gold certifications, and 2NE1 can't even manage to be certified tin foil LOL

  2. @Mel BUUURNN, harsh but I hear your truth bb


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