MWAOR of Perfume's "Spring of life" music video

Stop the press. F**k the world affairs. Air the behind the scenes footage of "Spring of life" and show us the final minute of the music video...NOW! Japan know what time it is. I hope everybody over there bowed real low for their government officials and their Spring smash.

People of Japan. Please be sure to donate at your local prefecture office to fund the electricity to power Perfume's dresses for when they begin performing "Spring of life" on Music station and CDTV.

There will be no point in me posting the full video when it drops. Between the teaser, the preview and this we've now seen all of but 1 minute of the music video. But of course, I will anyway. Nocchi's legs. And dem fly ass light-up Mega man dresses.

I love how despite playing robots in this video and sounding like Super Mario's Toad with a talkbox, that these girls have given me more than I've gotten from Girls' generation over the past 6 months.

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