Nicki Minaj covers Complex. Preps new overlong album release.

Nicki Minaj covers Complex magazine | Photoshoot

Another case of a magazine shoot featuring all of the hotness that an album cover should have had. Whoever the creative director was for Pink Friday: Roman reloaded must be a brain dead, blind ass n***a - because nobody in their right mind could ever tell me those album arts were acceptable for anything but joke cards from Moonpig. They look cheap, badly composited and messy. The styling, the concept, the fonts. They look horrendous. Why they couldn't have just shot Nicki with a hot wig as above and slapped the album name on the front in a nice font is beyond me. It's not hard.

I have zero interest in this new album of Nicki's. This pink headed hoe has no idea what she wants her shit to sound like. She hops on house dance records with David Guetta and then drops ghetto trash like "Stupid hoe", then features on a Hip-hop banger with Birdman and Lil' Wayne, drops a verse on some reductive ass Madgina single with M.I.A and then drops her own single produced by RedOne which sounds like pop fodder.

Pink Friday: Roman reloaded features 19 tracks. 19! I thought artists were done releasing 19 track albums. The lack of consistency with everything I've heard from this album thus far and the confusion which is still abound with people not knowing whether this new album of hers is a re-package of Pink friday or a new album is not a good look. And it don't matter how much of a hit "Starshits" is. What Nicki needs is some quality control.


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