The Forehead poses with her Battleship movie poster. Looks a mess.

Rihanna. Battleships. Hot mess | Snapped

There was a period when The Forehead's style was pretty fly and she looked hot. But now she seems taken with walking around looking like Krusty the clown moonlighting as a cheap hooker. That coat which looks like Dr. Curt Connor went at it with a paintbrush and that synthetic wig which looks stiffer than a piece of corrugated board are not hot. I don't care how much they cost. She looks a mess.

The Forehead stars in a bit role in the movie Battleships which is kinda based on the game. She doesn't feature that much in the movie, but naturally the studio are pimping her role in it, because she's a big name...and all that shizzle. I won't be watching it. The trailer looked cool, but I got the feeling that the best bits of the film were those shown in it. I couldn't sit through two hours of that shit. I'd rather play Mass effect 3. Better acting. A better story and no Rihanna. Although the Protheans and Batarians bare resemblances to her.


  1. But J, Liam Nesson is in it, I have too see this.


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