Nocchi works some booty in Perfume's "Spring of life" PV preview

There was some doubt as to whether the full "Spring of life" video would follow the concept of that which was unveiled in the teaser, especially with what we'd witnessed in the Kirin drinks commercial which features this song. But once the promo shots and single covers were unveiled we all knew the robohoes concept would be the concept. Perfume do NOT play with the consistency. Whatever these robohoes rock in their single artwork is what they will rock in the music video of the respective song. I'm glad. Because those glowing dresses and shoes were everything. I was not feeling those shapeless messes they were rocking in that Kirin drinks commercial. Their style game had come to far for them to regress back to that shit.

This is a darker video than I would have envisioned for this song. But shit could always turn bright, colourful and Green hill zone towards the end.

Perfume have not fallen off with a single music video from onwards. So we can rest easy that when this video drops in full, it will be hot to death. Nocchi brought enough in this preview for me, so I'm already sold. And Kashiyuka's dress features more lights than fabric. Skank. I love it.

Cheers for the heads up Nait!


  1. I swear since you posted 'Glitter' I have loved Perfume.
    Anything to do with robots, that features LED lights, im there.


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