Music video: Big Bang - Blue

Why are these n***a's looking like CL, Dr. Seuss' cat, Captain Spock and a Korean Gucci Mane?

They all look a hot mess. But the one my heart goes out to most is Daesung. It's bad enough he gets ratted on for being ugly, but there was no need to f**k with his hair like that. They fried that shit out, combed it in his face and then had the camera operator go out of his way to show him in as few shots as possible. That's nice YG. Real nice.

I've never been hot on Big Bang's style, because it's always been a bit too much and I don't think as much thought goes into their looks as people make out. It's often just a case of throwing as much Jeremy Scott and Forever 21 at them as possible, and seeing how many layers they can get away with without it hindering their movement.

TOP's smouldering sexiness is usually able to just about float a look when the styling is questionable. But I just could not with that Nutcracker coat and Jessica's leggings from the "Run devil run" video. Taeyang could have gotten away with his Korean Gucci Mane look if he flashed the 6 packs or got on the floor and did this, but he didn't, so his look can go to hell too.

I was so focused on how bad the styling was that I didn't take in the song at all. I'mma have to cop the mp3. Because I can't watch this again.


  1. They all looked a hot mess, but it doesn't matter because they all have swag for days. Although, G-dragon's weave looked like something he fished out of CL's closet, Taeyang looked like a fucking cokatoo, and WTH Did they do to Daesung, his shit looks more fried out than those nasty weaves that Beanbaguliera rocks. Taeyang needs to fix himself. My man crush for him is beginning to fade,

  2. Wow J, you threw THAT gif in the mix, kay ok, I see you boo boo, you killing me with kindness. Ths song is good but I like bad boy better (although the MV is pretty much the same) Taeyang throws swag on his bitch.
    I refue to comment on any of their hairstyles..I just can't


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