Rihanna pops her p***y all over Johnathon Ross' desk

Rihanna - Talk that @ Johnathon Ross | Live performance

Forehead Fenty hit up the Johnathon Ross show wearing a wig that looked like she snatched it off of a scarecrow in a Kansas corn field. The baseball cap was probably a last minute addition to the whole ensemble after Rihanna finally realized how bad those black roots look on that swap meet wig of hers that she's been wearing as of late. I f**king hate it. It looked nice at the Grammys because she actually bothered to run some shampoo through that shit. But every other day I've seen her in this wig it's looked messy, like she had her homie Melissa comb it with a rake.

To match the bad hair, The Forehead also gave a dry interview and a dry performance of "Talk that talk". She did spice things up by strutting over to Johnathon's desk a proceeding to whine all over it. The awkwardness on Johnathon's face made it difficult to watch, but I admire The Forehead's tenacity and that she popped her p***y. I do love a p***y pop.

Def Jam need to suck it up and just drop "Where have you been" as a single. They're probably reluctant to because it rings with too much of the familiarity of "We found love". But they're out of options. if they want another hit out of Talk that talk, they're going to have to just drop it. Because the album title track is not cutting it. And there is not a damn other song on the album which has hit potential. Good songs, just about. But hit singles, no way. It's fine though. Because Rihanna's more than likely recording a follow up already.

Album review: Rihanna's ode to a man to Talk that talk


  1. UGH... The only good thing about her whole appearance on the show was her accent lol Her interview was kind of tired and her performance was boring, especially after Jonathan bigged it up as something naughty lol
    Even her pussy pops where lacklustre IMO, Beyonce or Koda Kumi would have popped that pussy so hard that a baby fell out (we... Kumi would).
    And really she needs to take a seat! The reason "TTT" has so few possible hits is because she RUSHED that shit out too fast after "LOUD", EVERYBODY wants her to just take a break for a yearso why doesn't she?!

  2. I believe her PR staff have stated that if an artist takes a break for too long they become expendable, which explains why Rihanna is constantly releasing new material. I guess they're not in denial about just how expendable Rihanna is.

    And Btw I thought her weave looked like a dead Shih tzu sat atop her head at the Grammys.


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