Music video: Tee with Crystal Kay - Answer

Crystal looks tired. It must be from all that flopping she's been doing lately. Poor thing. I still love her.

It's a good look to see she's not the only artist in Japan struggling to pull together a budget for a decent music video. Blowing everything on the video for "I suck a dick on Friday" is probably why "Haru arashi" got NO video. And when Ayumi Hamasaki is debuting at number 2 and dropping music videos that look like they were shot on benefit money in North London, then you know shit in Japan must be really bad.

I'm not keen on this song, but it could have been worse. I was kinda hoping for a Reggae, Bashment, Soca knock-off, hott mess hybrid which had Crystal riding the hell out of a beat and popping her p***y on some beach in Odaiba.

For the record: I do NOT want this shit slapped in between tracks on Crystal Kay's upcoming studio album.


  1. :/ she looks like she's not giving a fuck about this video. To be honest, it seems like she's not too keen on the song either. She's definitely holding back, and there is zero chemistry between Tee and her. Even when she preformed it live she looked like she wanted him to remain 20 ft away at all times. Haha When he reached out his arm to her, she looked at him like n*gga please haha. I hope this shit is either left off her album or featured as a bonus track along with the happy feet songs. It's not a bad song, but it's nothing amazing either.

  2. I don't think the song is as good as her previous two but it's better than I thought it would be. I don't think she's holding back I just think she's singing at a level appropriate for the song and singing with him. In most of the jpop duet videos I've seen there tends to be no chemistry between the artists and def no touching. I always felt that was intentional. I just hope it does well that's all I really care about.

  3. I actually like the song, It's kind of like a throwback to old school CK and even though the video was basic as fxck minus the b&W love story it was ok, Never heard of this Tee guy but I hope this is at least a moderate hit...
    I seriously have NO idea what is up with Japan atm, while Ayu is missing the No1 spot, Kumi is flopping and CK couldn't catch a hit if you gave her a baseball glove and threw one underhand you have a bunch of 15 year old clones in school uniforms like AKB48 ruling Oricon, it's a sad day for JPop SMH...

    I think CK needs to hit up one of her friends like BoA or Jin for a duet, that would gain some attention.

  4. I agree with Beruda. I've also never seen Crystal kay having chemistry with a Japanese guy in her music videos (Journey was with a white guy, right?).

    I think she looked good, TEE too, the PV was a bit boring but the song is OK, I like it, dont know why, Haru Arashi did almost nothing to me and I'm not really a fan of DeliKin. Doesn't mean I'll buy Answer.

    TEE is kinda still new I think. He's not really famous but hopefully people will like the song...

    CK needs to do featurings with established/popular artists, not new ones. Funny how I'm realizing that BoA was the only female singer who collaborated with her, and that most the guys who did were rappers. Are they afraid because she can sing better than some of them? I'm just saying, I don't know anything...

  5. Sorry for double-posting were really expecting a reggae/soca pop song? If so it would have been more logic to collaborate with MINMI/PUSHIM/Munehiro or guys like Shonan no kaze. That would be interesting, sure.

  6. @Myra TEE is classified as a Japanese reggae artist. He has done reggae/soca influenced songs before, and when he isn't doing that he's singing some boring ass generic ballad.

  7. @MYRA omd... I would love a CK/Pushim collaboration.

  8. @Mel R OK, it makes sense now, the ony songs I heard from him are those boring ballads. Thanks for clarifying.

  9. I still have hope for Crystal and always will. This song isn't bad at all and I wouldn't mind if it was included on her upcoming album. She does however, seem to be holding back vocally in the song.

  10. I have no major qualms with this song either. She sang it appropriately to be a feature. She can't do vocal gymnastics all over Tee the way she nearly did with BoA. Her collaboration with BoA on Girlfriend made BoA step up her vocal game to the point where she could nearly keep up with Crystal, and I do appreciate that. Since "Answer" technically isn't Crystal's song, I don't think we have to worry about it being a major feature on her upcoming album. If it was, I wouldn't mind if it took the place of a lackluster ballad.

    I am tired of hearing about CK flopping. She has been putting in a valiant effort this go around, and I like the singles that she has released thus far. "Love Road" is probably the weakest of them all, followed by "Superman", but even that was a hot track to me for a hot minute or two. "Delicious na Kinyoubi" was like crack to me, but I quickly switched over to "Haru arashi" when I heard it. At this point, if the people of Japan won't buy her music then it must be something wrong with them. She is clearly a beautiful and vocally talented singer with a fierce determination to never give up despite her record sales. She the embodiment of an "Unbreakable Spirit".

    I hate to think this, but I wonder if her limited success throughout all of these years has anything to do with her minority status because it is ridiculous that some of these less talented, slutty, croaking heifers can outsell her. I don't care if Crystal only sells five copies of her album from the back of a busted down Toyota. You better believe at least one of them will be bought by me because she is a true talent that deserves better. She will forever have my support as long as she has doesn't give up.


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