Beni covers EXILE as she tries for a Golden globe

Beni's a pretty woman. But thischick gives very little in her music videos. She's vapid. We've seen her pop her pussy in a jewellery box and give nothing. Hot step with gimps either side of her in a tight dress and give nothing. Now she's trying her hand at acting and giving us...nothing. Which is still more than what BeyoncĂ© gave us in Dreamgirls.

Beni needs to stop acting like the scorned burlesque house whore and act more like she wants me to ride or die for her. I loved me some Jewel. I wasn't hot on Fortune, but I let it slide because "Crazy girl" and "Yes or no?" were the jump offs. But this Covers album has put this bitch on thin ice.

I don't hate what I've heard of the album so far. And already we're getting more videos from Covers than we got from Fortune. But I feel like Beni is rushing these albums out and the quality is suffering as a result. And for her to drop a covers album when Angela Aki's masterpiece Songbook is still fresh in my mind and on heavy rotation on my iPod, Beni had no chance.

Album reviews: Beni scrubs up a Jewel | Beni's Fortune


  1. Just for the record I did not like Jewel but I did like Fortune, a lot. I've also liked what I've heard of this album. My only issue is that with some much music to choose from I wish that she had chosen some up tempo songs and not just balads. The only song I'm familiar with is Toshi Kobuto's song. I love the way she looks though, the whole 40's vibe is def doing it for me. I think she's taking a break with this cover album because she has been putting out so much material. Putting out album every year is tough when you write all the lyrics.

  2. I liked jewel and fortune was okay, but I wouldn't call any of her music amazing or substantial. I also don't like the fact that her entire discography, not just her cover album, seems to be so ballad heavy. I like a good ballad, but all of beni's ballads sound like slight variations of one another. She's just there to me, and her voice is nothing special either. She needs to make her self stand out, or her career will be fading away soon. I don't see this album selling well. It's too samey and dull.

  3. Fortune is her best album! lol.

  4. I love BENI..but she doesnt have any Vocals....

  5. To be honest though, if Japan's ever gonna have a legitimate crossover to the United States, I think BENI would be an amazing choice. I know Utada tried, but lets face it her voice is just too different to appeal to the masses in the US. Beni's english is spot on, and her voice, even though it lacks range, has much more mass appeal than Utada's. Also, since Beni's quite beautiful, and isn't a purebreed jap, she'd do well in the looks department in the US also.

    If Universal would drop some of their shittier artists, and invest more time into getting her top rate producers and possibly good english lyricists, then we could probably have the first bonafide japan to america crossover hit.

    I only say all this because I'm quite sure this album is an excuse to show off to the english music market.

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