Snippet: MiChi - Sound of love

MiChi - Sound of love | Snippet

MiChi's Therapy album is hot. But there's no denying that as good an album as it is, a couple of her earlier singles and B-sides should have found a place on it - even they were slung on a separate disc in the special edition release. U mad? Good. You about to get madder.

MiChi's producer Tomokazu Matsuzawa released a snippet of a song which was recorded for Therapy, but got left off. Listen to this hot shizzle and then throw a plastic cup at a wall in anger at this...
a) Getting left off of the album
b) Not being a single
c) Possibly never releasing in its entirety

Listen: Sound of love

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Has MiChi lost her damn mind!? Leaving this pop crack unfinished on a n***a's MacBook desktop. She needs a slap! Michiko. Y U NO PUT THIS ON ALBUM?

Let's all bow our heads and pray this is released in full. MiChi and Tomokazu seem to be down with the Internetz and leaking shit. So hopefully one of them will throw that mp3 up on mediafire and holla at us for a download.

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