Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - NaNaNa

I'm in shock that somebody allowed this woman to shoot a music video on the streets of Hackney. And in the early hours of the morning in a mini skirt and a cut off top at that. Back in February, the early morning temperatures in London were no joke. We are talking -5. I sure as hell hope those leggings she was wearing were thermal leggings, otherwise that NaNaNa of hers must have been frozen like a fish fillet. Not that she cares. She's developed a thing for looking like hooker trash and being snapped ass and tittied out. We've all seen those Party queen album covers.

The weird pseudo panning effect gave me partial motion sickness, but I liked the video. The grimey feel of it suited the song and you could tell Ayu was having a lot of fun shooting it. The cinematography could have been a bit tighter during certain scenes and I feel like I was seeing more of the streets and the extra's than Ayu herself. But this was a fun video to watch. Kumi went overboard with the bad girl images and shot her music video in some glossy club made out to be a hell hole in Shibuya. Ayu took her ass to a London ghetto, shimmied on a street corner and shot her club scenes in Fabric with black dudes, tranny white dudes and girls with ratty weaves. And despite looking like a skank, still had that I run this shit air about her. Kumi needs to step her game up...again.


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