Single review: Iconiq - Make it right

Iconiq - Make it right | Single review

With every artist in the game with a fallopian tube releasing a house jam, it's no surprise than the slap head hoe that Avex and time forgot has released a new single...and that it's a house jam soaked in auto-tune, vocoders and more knob twiddling than Spiral could handle in the Mojoverse.

Iconiq has been gangbanged by every musical style and genre since her official Japanese debut back in 2010, so it shouldn't come as the slightest surprise that she's opening her legs for a style of song which had beaten the head of every music listener from here to the depths of Atlantis.

Produced by the man of the moment Hiro, "Make it right" is the funkier twin to "Change myself", which he also produced. The drum patterns are near enough identical, as are many of the sounds used. "Make it right" is more of a grower than an instant shower. So don't be surprised if you hate the shit out of it within the first 30 seconds. Initially the song plays out like the type of song that just about every K-Pop group and J-Pop skank has been releasing over the past year. There is a lack of melody, a lack of true soul and a mindless plod of kicks and the shatter of a hand clap. It's enough to have you drift into a coma. But redemption is made once the chorus kicks in. You get euphoria. You get hotness. You get a catchy synth line which makes you want to take off your top and grind on a podium and then go to Calvin harris' house and tell him to sit the f**k down. The verses of this song are a redundant mess, but the chorus is so hot that you will eventually forgive them. But only just. Not only do the choruses bring the song to life, but they act as a distinct moment in the song where you finally find the resolve that this now sounds like an Iconiq song, as opposed to a Kumi Koda wannabe - which si the vibe I get from the verses. (It's noteworthy that Hiro has been a notable contributor to Kumi's past few studio albums).

Iconiq's vocals are about as strong as Aretha Franklin's will to turn away a second helping of food. But she has that type of voice which seems to fit everything and get the job done. She lacks the power of Kumi Kehovah, the smoothness of Crystal Kay or the ball shrivelling shriek of Robot face - and yet she could probably make just about any genre of work seamlessly with her vocal style better than all of them. Well...except ballads. But I'm all for her trying. She's managed to do everything else pretty well so far.

"Make it right" isn't one of Iconiq's most memorable singles. In fact, it's one of her worst. Even that "Tokyo lady" mess was better than this. As hot as the chorus is, the song as a whole is pretty forgettable and it won't stick around in your mind because it's too trend driven and Iconiq had set the bar with every single she had released up until this song. But for the here and how and what it is, it's alright and something new from the hoe who went from the Avex darling to having to settle for snapping Instagram pictures of her nails and bottles of wine that she probably f**ked for. 'Cos I know dem Change myself sales didn't make a ho any money.

6 out of 10

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Make it right | Digital single © 2012 Rhythm zone, Avex Trax


  1. I'm quite disappointed, the song is ok but not up to her usual standard at all. It only starts getting good towards the end and I'm pretty sure I'll forget it in an hour.
    Shame, I still play "Light ahead" to this day and it's amazing, I'd play more of her stuff but you know how (SL)Avex love pulling anything over 30 seconds long down the minute it's uploaded to youtube lol

  2. So, what do you think of her "second a-side" Ladies? To be honest I've fallen in love with both songs!
    Oh well, so much great music recently from Namie, Kana, Crystal and now ICONIQ :-) Only Ayu disappoints...again!

  3. there is absolutely nothing unique about Iconiq's voice, but the production of her music has always been on point. I like her debut album Change Myself. I still play a couple of the tracks from the album heavily (Bye Now No Distance, Lovin you), and Light Ahead is still my jam too. This song is disappointing. I agree that song does get a bit better towards the end, only because it reminds me of Change Myself. I think this bitch needs to take some scissors to the tresses. Her weave must be sewn into her scalp too tight inhibiting her ability to distinguish between a hot track and this wack shit here.


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