Music video: Namie Amuro - Go round

This video looks like a cross between "Make it happen", "Fast car" and that piece of shit she shot with Yamapoo. It looked nice, but Namie was not giving me ANYTHING. Where was the swag? The bitch facedness? Where was that n***a who was dancing with her in the "Naked" video and forcing a ho to step her International game up? Namie was hitting those marks with the dance steps as she always does, but she looks so f**king bored doing them. She was doing the damn thing at the bridge section just before shit was about to get "Smooth criminal", but the lack of interest...dire. This bitch needs to go hard or go home.

Namie looked hot though. I can't remember the last time I saw her dance in an outfit which didn't have some long ass tunic shit going all the way down to her knees. And as we have all said many times before, Namie looks so hot with short hair. That "Love game" video hung on the balance that was Namie with short hair. And every time she goes a photoshoot with short hair, I make an attempt to cast an Eidolon to protect that wig. (Note: I've not succeeded). One one of her most trusted hair stylists needs to go rogue on a ho and just snip that shit without consent. Namie needs to switch up that hair. FO' REALS. None of this wig shit. If she doesn't like it, just put a f**king wig on it. It's what Ayu does. Although Namie would rather be caught bald than do anything that robot skank does.


  1. The song has grown on me considerably since I've first heard it. But as far as the PV's just meh. As per usual, her backup dancers steal the show for me and make the video. As a long time dancer, I've never considered Namie to be an outstanding dancer. Ever. And I've shown many professional dancers her videos and they share my sentiments. Homegirl gives the impression that she just simply knows her routines step by step (1 and 2 and 3 and spin...)and that's all she's gonna give you. Just straight mechanical dancing minus the passion and vigor.

    As long as her team keeps cranking out those great dance tunes I'll be a happy camper and still purchase her music regardless.

  2. Idk the thing about Namie is that with everything she does, she seems as though she just can't be bothered. Her miserable face and dead pan swagger is her trademark. I've seen Namie go in on the choreography a few times, one of them being her performance of Alarm at the mtv awards. (her best dance performance to date IMO). But a majority of the time she does lack passion and vigor, although she seems to hit the moves effortless. I will say that she manages to dance and sing live and make it look easy, and she never lip syncs. I just want a choreographer to work Namie like she's never been worked before, slavex need to crack the whip and make a hoe dance like her son's life depends on it.

    As for the video, I kind of liked it. It was pretty simple, and I've warmed up to the song a lot more. The video kind of reminded me of something out of kingdom hearts haha

  3. She used to dance with passion, its just meh now. But I will say that I always love her songs, so... She needs to be happy for once in her cvs. She looks tired.

  4. Boring and lackluster. I like this song even less now, lol. Her vocals really sound thin in this song.

  5. considering go round sounds like 2 songs mash together the video aint all dat bad, i was wondering how namie and the dierctor dude was ganna do it.. all in aint a bad tune still jaming to naked dou :P..hope she comes correct with yeah-oh

  6. Namie looks very beatiful in the pv, i gotta take the other option, long hair goes perfect with her. She seems bored in the video as usual... I just wonder why she doesn't make those pv's with that passion she performs live?

  7. I like the song, It's actually my fave from all the singles from the upcoming album. The video COULD have been great if Namie EVER bothered to at least pretend she gives a fuck... The whole thing is really beautiful and pretty and Namie looks good but I'm getting bored of seeing her look bored at this stage.
    Also does she own a pair of shoes that arn't thigh high?!

    P.S @Melvin R, YES! I thought of Kingdom Hearts too lol

  8. well, i really liked it.

  9. Guys just saw the commercial for the single with a clip of the b-side YEAH-OH its AMAZING! Very fresh feel to it I think it should have been the a-side on this single! check it out!

  10. Feeling what I’m feeling no apology
    Cause boy i know what I believe in and it’s you and me
    Don’t you hold back this feeling
    cause this time i’m sure
    we’re singing yeah-o, singing yeah-h-h-o...!


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