Madgina drops a teaser of her "Girl gone wild" music video. It's reductive. She don't care.

Madgina really is trying this era. Or perhaps not enough. With "Give me all your luvin'" now a certified flop, the queen of bones is set to make it right with "Girl gone wild". Good luck to her. The song is as dusty as the inbetween of her legs.

A preview of the video has surfaced and it looks a bit like Lady Gaga's "Alejandro", which was a rip off of a bunch of Madgina's videos any way. There are monochromatic shots, smoking, men touching one another, Madgina in chains and Madgina chest pumping against a wall projection of what looks like a funkily scribbled crucifix.

The teaser looks cool. Even if it is reductive. I'mma never let the bitch live the use of that word down. It's what she should have called her album. Because the M.D.N.A snippets I've heard so far sound like outdated pieces of shit with no melody, no nothing. Just synth and Madgina drowning in auto-tune. Madgina steered away from a video concept which involved her grinding her dusty ass all over a ghetto blaster and doing the splits all over a Dance dance revolution machine, so that's a big plus.

One of the guys in the video looks like Jon Kortajarena. I could sit and stare at that man's face all day. Oh lawd.


  1. It looks pretty cool to me, Minus the obligatory wall grinding. Also I had almost given up hope on "MDNA" But the William Orbit snippets sound good.

  2. everything about this feels old, like the 80s I think

    I believe she won't become relevant again tbh, as in my generation, my first memory of her is 4 minutes so I don't get her hype. (I know she is a pop legend)

    yet she is tired and her music is so bland

  3. lmfaooo that word is coming back to bite her on her flat ass. Bitch has been reductive since post Confessions on a Dance Floor. She should have just stopped there because her music has been on a steady decline in quality since then.

    @anonymous I always knew who Madonna was because my mom was a big fan of her music until post erotica. She used to have a record player, and she would play her records. Although, my most memorable memory of Madonna was being the old hag that molested Christina and Britney on stage and then proceeded to kiss them. haha I remember Justin looking like he wanted to get on stage and wring Madonna's neck not knowing that she's the never aging corpse that will rise from the dead and continue to torture us with sub-par, reductive pop music.

  4. This whole "MDNA" era is total horse manure and she has to be aware of this. At this rate, this release could end up being the next "American Life" (which was a complete failure for her).

  5. I didn't watch, cause I have no buissnes with Maddona. At all. I did however google Jon Kortajarena, and yes! Been seeing his perfume advert around lately were his shaking his man cleavage, me gusta.

  6. I loved Confessions, especially Hung Up. I mean how can you not love that ABBA sample. That DDR dance extravaganza is better than the excrement she has been releasing lately from her dusty innards.

    This song is horrifying.

  7. I also googled Jon Kortajarena, good God get the fan out, :) I wish she had made Give me you Luvin w/out the so called guest vocalists, it would have sounded so much better. There are songs I've liked over the years and I must confess to purchasing The Imaculate Collection and I never get tired of hearing Burnin Up and Vogue. I've never wanted to see her live but she probably puts on a good show. I have to give it to her though her tour is almost sold out.

  8. Actually I stand corrected about the tour being almost sold out, lol. I wasn't reading carefully. Apparently a lot of the VIP tickets for shows are sold out


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