Angela Aki is back in the studio!

Angela Aki is back in the studio for the first time since giving birth | News

After bukkaking hoes with her Songbook album, shaming bitches with a performance at the Tokyo dome the day after Christmas as her waters were breaking and starting a life of motherhood, Angela Aki is back in the studio.

When an artist signed to Avex tweet that they're in a studio recording, we get a triple A-side single two weeks after. When somebody signed to Sony tweets they're in a studio; we get a 30 second preview leak in some drinks or ISP commercial months after and then nothing. So let's not hold our breath just yet. Plus, for all we know she could be recording personal lullabies for her baby. If this is the case, I'mma need Angela to leak them. Especially if she's on that Songbook swag.

I can't say I'm excited about a new album of new material given how shitty Life and White were. But she brought the A-game and then some with Songbook. And who knows. Perhaps motherhood will have her deliver another album on a level with Answer. Let's all pray she does. That album was crack.

Angela in the studio @ April sun


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